Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Microwave Harassment

Victims from around the world

This book is entitled:
"Impeaching the Misuses of the Electric Waves as a Weapon"
1999 Terukatsu Ishibashi, Japan

This collection presents testimonies of Japanese victims of mind-control technology. these were provided by members of the Mind-Control Victims Association of Japan set up on January 25th 1998. There were 16 members as of the end of June, 10 of whom testified. According to these testimonies, the problem is being caused by the perpetrators that misuse mind-control technology and by their assistant groups that behave as their hands and feet. the sufferings of victims are divided into three types of harassments, that is electric harassment, annoyance harassment by assistant groups, and a combination of both.

Sufferings by the electromagnetic waves in the Japanese version are very varied. this means that the electromagnetic waves can be misused in many different ways. There are, of course, common types of misuses. These common types of misuses suggest that a lot of crimes might be perpetrated by this technology's misuses. Some serious crimes taking place in Japan these days do not seem to be natural for Japanese society. This reality makes one presume the presence of outside factors, for example, mind-control technology. The fact that the problem is a key to understanding our society indicates that the perpetrator is also deeply involved in Japanese society. The situation would be similar in other countries. The problem must be an inevitability of human history though the total reality is still hidden.

Once people become aware of this problem in human history, the right approach to solving it will be found. Human beings cannot continue to unless the 21st century will be established as the time of all mankind. I believe it will be the first step to the age of all mankind to disclose the misuses of mind-control technology. Can human beings recover human history as their own history? It is impossible to do so unless we understand the existence of the hidden history and its reality. Once we are aware of these, we will also become aware of the existence of secret groups that have embraced mind-control technology. The secret groups have manipulated human history, and they have misused the technology as their latest weapon to complete their world domination.

Human beings can realize the problem in human history through understanding the above. The 21st century will be a time of conflict when public history becomes real history. We must never again permit hidden history to establish the age of all mankind. When human beings are able to find a way to conquer hidden history, the way to the age of all mankind will be opened widely.


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